Teaching and Assessing

TeachingAssessingProviding Feedback
Teaching Resources

  • Start at the end to identify the desired outcomes in a clear, authentic and contextual way
  • Whole of program design to facilitate progression of GAs;
  • Establishing a common understanding of GAs between staff and students
  • Embedding GA into units of study
  • Identify skills gaps amongst staff and provide professional development


  • Allow practice (formative/with reflection)
  • Provide a risk free environment (low weighting)
  • Make GAs explicit, linking to industry, assessments, outcomes, professional body requirements
  • Emphasise the value of GAs to students making the connection to practice
Writing Learning Objectives

Work Ready Activities

Embedding GAs

Embedding Professional Learning

Graduate Attribute Project
Assessment Resources
  • Clear articulation of criteria/standard/weightings in order to foster a shared understanding
  • Design should start with the desired outcomes
  • Design should draw on tasks that provide authentic evidence of these outcomes
  • Need to build in a reflective process to generate information about how the task worked to generate evidence of learning
  • Assessment should be embedded in the content of the units
  • Should reflect a whole of program view, including scaffolding of tasks.
Introducing and linking assessment

Designing Assessment

Assessment Futures

Assessing Professional LearningAsKE

Rubric Examples hyperlinked to- http://boliver.ning.com/page/standards-rubrics-business-and-law (registration required)

Value Project Rubrics hyperlinked to – http://www.aacu.org/value/rubrics/index.cfm (registration required)

Providing Feedback Resources
  • Incorporating peer judgement
  • The purpose of the feedback should be clear
  • Focus on feeding forward incorporating scaffolding principles
  • Feedback should explicitly related to GAs
  • There should be a focus on closing the gap between student and marker’s perceptions of the work
  • Incorporate both positive and negative
  • Promote staff learning from providing the feedback
  • Aim for value added feedback.
Feedback principles

Conditions of Assessment