Quality enhancement project

The proposed extension activity is based on the principles and practices of the Hunters and Gatherers project (Lawson, Taylor, French Fallshaw, Kinash, and Summers, 2013). This project worked on strategies for curriculum mapping and data collection for assurance of learning (AOL). As a result of this project gaps were recognised in the need for valid data collection to make the process worthwhile and the challenges of implementing good practice. Building on the project there is also a need to look at the closing the loop process ensuring data is used for continuous improvement.
This extension project will support assurance of learning by engaging academics and senior faculty managers in valid data collection for quality enhancement. Additionally good practice will be supported in reviewing, reporting and actioning data, with a strong emphasis on benchmarking aiming to improve learning and teaching performance in
Business and Management Programs delivered through the Regional Universities Network (RUN).
The assurance of learning process becomes ineffective, if not based on valid data, as the information systems discipline says “garbage in, garbage out”, in other words unless assessments are designed to measure degree level learning outcomes, then the data generated from these assessments is worthless. Too often assessments are developed within individual subjects; and are then retrofitted to meet degree level learning outcomes rather than designed with the degree learning outcomes at the forefront. Assessment tasks must be authentic, designed to measure the degree learning outcomes to produce valid data.
This activity will provide professional development activities and resources to support academics in valid assessment design.