Deliverable 1
A series of three Professional Development Workshops (half day events – each repeated in Queensland and NSW with options for video conferencing):

Audience: UOW & RUN Business Schools interested in gaining external accreditation and need to develop their AOL practices. Workshops will be delivered at participating university sites.

Deliverable 2
A set of two Benchmarking Forums (half day events – each repeated in Queensland and NSW with options for video conferencing).

Audience: Participants from RUN and UOW Business Schools will be invited to share their AOL findings and experiences, considering their current practices compared against other good practice examples. Outcomes from the forum will be captured through video vignettes and relevant case studies. Participants will leave the first forum with a series of goals and strategies to implement change. The follow up forum shall review progress of goals set, share benchmarking experiences and closing the loop improvements.

Deliverable 3
Website: Good and ‘best’ practice case studies will be developed from the forums and uploaded to the Assuring Learning website: Written case studies will be supplemented by video vignettes. Simple and easy to follow models and action steps (in the form of checklists) for benchmarking developed through the workshops will also be uploaded to the website.
Deliverable 4
National Survey: Follow up survey on current AOL practice aimed at all Australian Universities, targeting Business Schools using the telephone interview (semi-structured) drawn from original grant to enable comparisons. Data will be analysed and disseminated through a conference presentation (HERDSA 2015) and a journal publication.