The purpose of this extension grant is to improve the quality of Business and Management Programs in regional universities through: professional development to support valid data collection and implementation of AOL; benchmarking and continuous improvement; and building networks and relationships to share ‘best’ practice and create case study exemplars.
In particular the activities will: (i) improve the current collection of quantitative and qualitative measures of learning outcomes compared against standards; (ii) improve the quality of student performance and learning; (iii) enhance the professional development of academic staff and build relationships between regional universities; (iv) collect best
practice case studies of current practice in regional universities; and (v) encourage scholarly reflection on the change management and benchmarking process in this setting.
The focus of the project will be four activities:
Professional Development Workshops – a large number of universities have already engaged with the strategies outlined by the Hunters & Gatherers Projects but have struggled in the implementation of these strategies, needing expert support to adapt them to their own context. Workshops will be run to support assurance of learning (AOL)
strategies for a group of regional universities. These workshops shall be designed to cater for both academic leaders responsible for AOL and academics responsible for delivering and assessing AOL.
• Workshop 1 – Data Collection for Continuous Improvement (Leaders)
• Workshop 2 – Assessing and Providing Feedback for Degree Level Learning Outcomes (Academics)
• Workshop 3 – Implementing AOL Strategies – Change Management (Leaders)
Benchmarking Forums – forums will be convened for reviewing AOL across the RUN and developing innovative approaches to benchmarking.
Website/Resource Development – was developed during the original Hunters & Gatherers Project to disseminate and support AOL. This site has been further developed as part of the OLT Fellowship of Romy Lawson. Feedback from both the project and fellowship is that the site could be further improved with more examples
of best practice. This part of the project would be to collect and present more case study exemplars on the site.
National Survey – The Hunters Project established an overview of AOL practice in a range of disciplines. Four years on major developments have taken place in this area, so a follow up survey is timely. This survey will show progress and development in AOL to date and identify current good practice as well as areas for development for the RUN.