Hunters & Gatherers Project Overview

Hunters & Gatherers: Strategies for Curriculum Mapping and Data Collection for Assurance of Learning (An OLT Funded Project)

Assurance of learning is a predominant feature in both quality enhancement and assurance in Higher Education. It involves making program expectations and standards explicit, then systematically gathering and interpreting evidence to determine how well performance matches those expectations. This benefits the institution by ensuring program aims are evaluated and used for program development, and is important for external scrutiny (AUQA, TEQSA, professional bodies). This project aims to investigate two elements of assurance of learning: the mapping of graduate attributes throughout a program and the collection of assurance data. It will conduct an audit across disciplines subject to accreditation in Australian universities to evaluate current methods of mapping graduate attributes and their impact on the curriculum and also to review the systems used to collect and store data. This information will be critically analysed to develop strategies on curriculum mapping and data collection. It will draw upon the use of existing software packages (e.g. SOS – mapping, ReView, SPARKPLUS) to support efficient and effective implementation strategies.

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