Expected Project Outcomes and Deliverables

  • Objective 1: To review current practice related to the mapping and data collection of assurance of learning across disciplines subject to accreditation in Australian universities.
  • Objective 2: To identify good practice principles in assurance of learning.
  • Objective 3: To recognise areas for development in assurance of learning practices highlighting potential innovations and change principles.
  • Deliverable 1: A critical review paper of the current processes used to map assurance of learning in programs and the collection of the subsequent assurance data, including comparison with International Agencies and Professional Bodies.
  • Deliverable 2: A strategic paper to advise on effective practices in mapping and collecting assurance of learning data.
  • Objective 4: To provide resources (guidelines for mapping graduate attributes across programs, advice on aligning assessment tasks with learning objectives, guidelines on using data for improving assurance of learning) which will enhance practices in the assurance of learning.
  • Objective 5: Review and recommendations on the use of existing software systems to support assurance of learning process.
  • Objective 6: To promote and encourage implementation and embedding of strategies that have proven successful in mapping and collecting assurance of learning data.
  • Deliverable 3: An online resource kit available to practitioners involved in assurance of learning.
  • Objective 7: To disseminate the findings of Objectives 1-6 throughout Australian universities to facilitate the more efficient practice of mapping and data collection to assure learning.
  • Deliverable 4: Project Reports, Dissemination Workshops and Conference Presentations.