Curriculum Design Workbench (Tool)

To support the whole of course curriculum design approach an open-source online tool has been developed (the Curriculum Design Workbench – CDW) to step course teams through the whole-of-course design approach, collating, mapping and summarising data on course learning outcomes, rubrics, assessment tasks and learning activities, as teams progress through the stages.

CDW Guide

A direct link to the Curriculum Design Workbench Tool is coming soon – in the meantime if you would like an account for the workbench please email

Curriculum Design Workbench Tool – What is it? Why bother using it?Curriculum Design Workbench Tool – How to use it?
What is the curriculum design workbench?
What is the Assurance of Learning Philosophy? How does this relate to the Curriculum Design Workbench?
What is the underlying design philosophy of the Curriculum Design Workbench?
How does the tool help with curriculum design overall?
From a course design point of view, how does the CDW help with constructive alignment?
How important is a team approach to the use of the CDW?
How to you use the CDW?
How do you use the CDW to begin with, what preparation is required?
What are the four stages of using the CDW?
What are the benefits and value of using the CDW when designing and mapping a curriculum?
You have described the CDW as something that can be used to design a curriculum, can it also be used to idenitfy gaps in a curriculum?
We have thought about the CDW from a course level, how does it work from a practical point of view for Unit Co-ordinators?
How often should Course Learning Outcomes be renewed and how often should we renew a curriculum?
Other comments about CDW and Assurance of Learning?
Whole Interview On Curriculum Design Workbench (Approx 16 minutes)


1. Login/ Request Account Summary
2. Add Course and Team Members
3. Create and Edit Course Details
4. Writing 'good' Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)
5. Check CLOs are AQF Compliant
6. Add Professional Accreditation Standards/Other
7. Course Wide Rubrics
8. Add Assessment tasks
9. Design Learning Activities
10. Attribute Learning Activities to Units in Course
11. View Course Summary Page