What is it?


In the welsh language they have just one word that means both to teach and to learn “dysgu”, this makes a lot of sense because can we really say we have taught something if our student has not learnt?


Assuring Learning can be found under a myriad of names (Assessing Graduate Capabilities/Attributes; Assurance of Learning; Learning Outcomes/ Learning Goals/ Learning Objectives; Quality Assurance/ Quality Enhancement) but whatever you call it, it is a basic educational principle of asking have the students learnt what we expected them to learn and if not what can we do to help them achieve in the future? In this way it can be seen to ensure continual improvement of learning experiences.

These resources are specifically for investigating ways to map and collect data for graduate attributes in higher education. It also looks at leadership strategies for engaging staff in these processes, and good practice principles for academics in teaching, assessing, and providing feedback on graduate attributes.

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